Cinderella Ballet

As I promised, I would talk today about the Cinderella Ballet I attended last week in the Opera house in Leipzig. If you are planning to attend a ballet for the first time, here you can find some useful tips.
Inspired on Cinderella's fairy tale, this ballet is a masterpiece. Australian dancer and coreographer Meryl Tankard has revived Sergei Prokofiev's ballet "Cinderella" with an outstanding performance.

Unlike the story told on the classical fairy tale, the ballet is set in an airport, where Cinderella and her two stepsisters are on their way to take a plane. Cinderella's stepsisters (on the picture), always dressed with bright colours, danced making exaggerated movements. 
I really loved everything about this ballet: it was really well-performed, it had moments you didn't expect, it mixed different styles, and the music, the talented ballerinas, the scenography and the beautiful costumes were just perfect. I would recommend this ballet to everybody: it is suitable for young people, adults and children!

What I liked most, apart from the ballet itself, were the pleating dresses worn by the ballerinas, that turned into shapes while the ballerinas were dancing, and the lights that simulated shapes on the costumes. 

It is also remarkable how the different styles fit so well together, thanks to the work of prestigious and extremely talented Meryl Tankard. 
The music was played by the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig. William Lacey is the conductor, the Assistant Choreographer is Paul White and Cordelia Matthes was in charge of the scenography and the costumes.
William Lacey

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