Blake Lively

I love the gown Blake Lively wore for the World Premiere of Savages (June, 25) at the Mann Village in Westwood, L.A. She looks stunning!!! For those of us who follow her style on the screens (Gossip Girl) but also out of them, we weren't surprised of her amazing choice! Everything looks just perfect: hairstyle, make-up, accessories and gown.

I recommend you to visit the homepage of the movie, directed by Oliver Stone. You can find a lot of information regarding the story, cast, and also pictures and videos. Blake Lively talks about Savages on this brief interview:

For the Premiere of "Savages" in New York, she wore a yellow dress designed for her by Gucci. She chose this colour as an ode to her first meeting with Oliver Stone. According to Blake: " I came in, in a yellow dress and we were talking about who the caracter should be [...] and he said 'She needs to be THIS girl! This bright, hopeful, yellow girl, the sunshine girl".

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