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As some of you already know, I have been living abroad for almost seventeen months now. It is not the first time I live abroad, as I have travelled frequently since I was fourteen (in order to improve my English, German and French skills) and spent time in different countries. However, it is the first time I have lived abroad longer than two months and it is a great experience so far!

I moved at the beginning of February to a new flat, and that is why I couldn't update the blog so frequently- I am sorry about it! I would like to recommend you some DIY Blogs. I might take some ideas too, my actual room needs a little bit of decoration! And I cannot think of a better way to do so as with "do it yourself" items!

I selected five blogs I really like!

1. P.S. - I made this:
If you like DIY, you'll LOVE this blog. It contains sooo many cool ideas, really nice things and a lot of inspiration. I highly recommend it!

I really like this blog! I personally think the girl who writes it is very talented. She created for example a skirt made with almost four hundred daisies and a newspaper-skirt (see picture above). Amazing!

You can find five lovely sections: Recipes, DIY + Craft, Outfits, Beauty + Hair and Home Design. A really cute source of inspiration!

4. Little muna

Every post on this blog has somehow something special, the little details, the effort put behind each post, the nice pictures...

5. Con P de Papel

Last but not least, Con P de papel, with video tutorials and a lot of ideas!

I hope you liked the blogs! :) Have a great week!!

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